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What The Voip System Offers for the Last Business Sectors

by Clare Louise

The VoIP phone is a communication system based on the Internet. In fact, the acronym Voice Over Internet Protocol refers to the network as a transit channel for telephone calls, which is used in the same way as data traffic.

The advantages of using VoIP phone are mainly linked to greater flexibility of use of the virtual switchboard, in the substantial reduction of fixed costs and in the possibility of expanding the corporate telephone network beyond the physical boundaries allowed by traditional analog lines.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated concerns the greater security of company data , because voip phone systems benefits from a series of data saving tools, backups and barriers against any attempts at information or identity theft.

The basic elements of VoIP phone

To structure a VoIP telephone line, one or more compatible telephone devices are required, a stable internet connection, possibly using optical fiber, a subscription with a telephone operator capable of providing adequate network coverage and telephone numbering.

The main element of a VoIP telephone switchboard is to be equipped with an IP address, which allows the device to connect to the corporate network and to the switchboard of the telephone operator used as a service provider.

The Voip telephone exchanges are networked together and can be fully managed by means of a series of customizable rules, starting from the external numbering, up to a capillary organization of the extensions.

There are no limits to the reception of calls to and from fixed, cellular, national and international telephone numbers, to and from other VoIP systems, but also analogue ones; in fact, in order to communicate with a number belonging to the VoIP system, it is not essential that the other number belongs to the same category, since it can also be a user of analogue derivation.As for toll-free and emergency numbers, these remain free even if the call comes from a VoIP number.

The organization of the switchboard with VoIP phone

One of the most interesting aspects of VoIP phone is that linked to the management of the switchboard, which is no longer based on a series of devices connected to the analog line, but which consists of a real network connection system, connected to a server with method of saving data in the Cloud .

The company that uses the switchboard with VoIP phone benefits from the choice of numbering to the outside and a series of extensions, which can be managed in total autonomy from a remote control platform.

  • All internal staff can be flexibly assigned to collaborators, appointed on the basis of the positions held and modified on the occasion of turnover, without any need for the intervention of specialized technicians.
  • The user interface of the switchboard management dashboard, in fact, is equipped with some preset rules that can be customized in a few steps.


Even in the case of a move following the physical change of the operational headquarters, an expansion of the workforce or the opening of new offices, both in the immediate vicinity and even abroad, increasing the connection of the company phone only provides for the connection in network of telephone devices that will have to communicate with each other.