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Tricks To Improve Your Gastronomic Photography

by admin

In all your years doing gastronomic photography, you might have been able to discover how different it is from other types of photography, with its lighting techniques and composition, elements and shots, and so on.

After thousands of photographs taken, we must have learned many tricks when preparing each session, from simple details to others that can completely change a photo and make it unique.

Here, you have a small compilation of the ones that is considered the most important to get a quality gastronomic photograph that you can offer to your clients.

  1. The Use Of The Tripod

This point is not the first by chance. One of the first instruments you should invest in for good food photography has to be the tripod. This offers you the only way to get photos with perfect focus and without having to worry about getting the same frame.

You don’t need to buy a tripod with two zeros in its price to get a good result, but make sure it has a good shoe to make good frames, and if possible that the column can be folded horizontally, for overhead shots. Visit https://photolemur.com/blog/best-gifts-for-dad.

  1. A Composition For Each Shot

When preparing a gastronomy photo session, the ideal thing is to take several captures of the same element; one zenith, one frontal, at 45 degree. However, always keep in mind to change the composition with each change of shot.

Think that the elements that look good in one shot, do not have to look good in the next, they can cover the light, distract attention. Thus, after changing the position of the tripod, recompose the scene depending on what you need in the new one.

  1. Practice In Natural Light

One of the best things you can do to light up your food photography is to use natural light. It provides soft, diffuse lighting without harsh shadows. The first thing you have to do is find the ideal window in your house, preferably a large one, where direct light enters. For further info, visit https://giftsmarket.co.

Remember to have everything prepared for the session ahead of time, to take advantage of all the light time, which depending on the season, will be more or less. The best hours for good lighting are usually in the morning.