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Things to Know Before Placing the Order of Motorcycle Shipping

by Danny white

Shipping a motorcycle is easier than shipping a heavy-loaded vehicle or a car. The openness and freedom while riding a motorbike is what attract many people. Traveling by motorbike is easier and the best way to reach a destination faster even in heavy traffic or uneven roads.

However, it is not possible to travel by bike every time. Especially, when you have to relocate to a different city, you cannot ride a bike for long-distance. First, it may need repairing or midway work. Moreover, if you’re relocating the whole family then you may have to drive another vehicle if any. Therefore, shipping your motorcycle is the best choice because the cost of shipping a motorbike is less compared to a car.

Ship a Car, Inc. is the best company to ship a motorcycle. Their shipping agents have direct access to the largest network of carriers. This makes your shipment and shipping process safe. SAC has earned 5-star reviews from Google, BBB, Customer Lobby, and Transport Reviews. They provide coast-to-coast or door-to-door transportation service anywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii.

Shipping motorcycle is always hassle-free and stress-free. No matter for what reason you‘re shipping it, you should always consider these few things —

Different types of Transportation

Always remember you will get two choices from the shipping company, to transport on an open trailer or closed trailer. An open trailer is what the name suggests. It is quite inexpensive, but there are certain elements like dirt, pebbles, weather that can damage your bike. The other is the closed trailer, it is quite expensive but good for expensive or brand new bikes.

Get quotes

Search for more than one shipping company online by checking their reviews and ratings given by other companies and customers. Get quotes from all companies over the phone. Match then well and choose the best deal. Always remember to ask all criteria like the door-to-door facility, open or closed trailer, number of hours taken, etc.

Prepare the motorcycle for shipment

  • Documents the motorcycle condition before shipping and take photographic proof, otherwise, the shipping company will not be responsible for the dents and scratches on it.
  • Most companies help in covering the vehicle, but you too can take a soft plastic roll from a home store, cut it into sheets and wrap your engine.
  • Don’t remove the tire from the motorcycle, it can damage the vehicle. Most shipping companies use the tires to fasten the bike, and shipping a sanding vehicle is easier and cheaper than side-lying bikes.
  • Remove all extra accessories on your bike like side baskets, extra seats, truck box, etc. they increase the price of shipping and during transportation, they may damage your product.
  • Don’t fill the tank, but just keep a quarter full so that you can move your motorcycle from the trailer to your home.
  • Carry the keys with you once the loading is complete. The shipper will not need the keys once it has been uploaded on the trailer.

Whether you’re using a trailer, truck, or moving van for shipping motorbike, you must keep these important points in mind. These are basic things that can be done for hassle-free shipping.