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Practical Trainings With the virtual negotiation training program

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Negotiating is an art which can be learned on the job. Do you already have the basics or solid experience in negotiation? Are you a salesperson, sales engineer, business engineer or sales manager? Do you want to strengthen your skills or those of your team in negotiation?

With the virtual negotiation training program, train yourself to meet buyers from different industries, to argue and strengthen your interpersonal skills by adapting to the style of your interlocutor.Learn to interact or refine your selling style by positioning your offer at best, managing pressure, being creative and agile in the face of different styles of buyers for effective negotiation.

For Whom and For What

It is for salespeople and buyers wishing to practice negotiation techniques. Practice analyzing the situation, responding to customer needs, arguing effectively. You integrate different sales or purchasing processes, present a product or solution with its characteristics, advantages, customer benefits, its economic model, deal with objections etc.

Educational Goals

Practice face-to-face negotiation using a proven “solution selling” -type methodology broken down into different stages.

Content of the Virtual Negotiation Module

Face to face with one or more customers or buyers practices of the 7 pillars of effective sales in a fun playground.

Immersive VR Training Environments

You are plunged into a confrontation with a buyer to whom you must present your product or solutions and respond to their objections. In a second part, you practice in fun way different exercises to integrate the fundamentals of an effective belly (definition of needs, argumentation, search for sponsors, qualification of its decision-making ecosystem, management of alerts and areas of ignorance etc.

Educational Tutorials Available In VR

Tutorials are given to you in order to master the different techniques. They relate to the Solution Selling model and different approaches to effective sales.

Unlimited Access to Modules

You can replay your simulations as many times as needed to improve yourself and increase your skills quickly.

One Hour Session with Trainer

You can benefit from one hour of LIVE training with one of our coaches or expert trainer in his field to exchange face-to-face, talk about your background, complete the pedagogy, and answer your questions in order to provide you with all the human help necessary according to your personal needs.

The Feedback Report

In immersive modules, a feedback report is automatically generated in order to have a return on the course carried out. Depending on the educational objective, it highlights the scanning of the gaze, the body (rather open or closed), the time to complete the module, the level of stress, the speaking time, the key words to be encouraged or not the “scoring” obtained if relevant etc.