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Planning to Import Car(s) in Canada? Then, Here’s Everything You Should Know About It

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Importing automobiles in Canada is a tricky process that requires a lot of legal work. It’s practically impossible to carry out the documentation single-handedly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a company looking forward to import a huge shipment of cars or an individual trying to import just one car, as long as the documents will not be complete, your parcel will get stuck at customs. And, it gets quite hectic to get the shipment cleared once it has been rejected by the custom department.

So, what’s the solution? The first thought that clicks in such scenarios is hiring an individual custom broker. However, there’s a catch in hiring them.

  • You cannot have the surety that the independent broker you’re planning to hire is licensed.
  • It’s not easy to track the success record of individual brokers.

Which is why we say that hiring a custom brokerage firm like Clearit is the best solution. The reasons that make this company better than most independent brokers are listed below.

  • They hire only licensed brokers.
  • It’s easy to track the success record of the company.
  • They have testimonials supporting the fact that their services are top notch.

Now that you know why it’s better to hire licensed custom brokerage firms for import, it’s time that we take you through the detailed procedure that companies follow to get your shipments cleared. Have a look!

They Generate the ITN Number

ITN number (Internal transaction number) is a necessity when you’re importing goods from the US. In fact, it’s essential to get it generated before your supplier can make an export.

Individual brokers and even suppliers usually charge a lot for ITN generation. But, Clearit Canada car importing company charges a small flat fee of 125 CAD only.

They Can Manage the Entire Import Procedure

Genuine companies always offer individual services for customers. However, they also provide an entire package – that includes the ITN generation – in just 389.99 CAD.

When you hire them for the entire process, they offer the following services.

  • They generate the ITN so that your supplier has the permission to legally export the goods.
  • They submit the ITN form to the Automotive Export control.
  • They assign an agent to be physically present at the export site in order to ensure that the car(s) being imported is undamaged at the time of export.
  • They ask you to fill their online form to supply them with the purchase bill so that they can submit the documents at customs.
  • They are the best bridge for cross border communication until you receive your shipment.

Finally, when your goods arrive at custom, they are promptly released as long as you have paid the duties and taxes.

So, all that you have to do is supply the agents at Clearit Canada with the purchase bill electronically. The rest, they handle and they also keep you in the loop.