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Knowing customs brokers in the US: An importer’s biggest asset

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Owing to numerous security and other concerns, imports & exports are subject to a long list of rules, regulations and compliance requirements. Even the most experienced and established importers have a tough time handling importing needs, given that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is extremely strict. Small errors in classification, marking or payment of duties and taxes can lead to confiscation of shipments, which can mean serious losses. To avoid the same, most importers prefer to work with customs brokers. Working with services like Clearit USA customs broker is like an assurance that your business will continue as usual, while the broker handles customs clearance. 

‘Do we really need a customs broker?’ 

That’s often the first question that entrepreneurs and commercial importers ask. Is it really necessary to engage a customs broker? Well, there is no law that makes it mandatory to engage customs brokers, but most importers do it any way. From classifying goods to handling commercial invoices, dealing with the documentation and filings, to checking with other government agencies, if and where necessary, customs brokers do it all. If you don’t want to spend your resources in keeping a tab of changes in international trade laws, customs brokers are critical and worth paying for. 

Avoid the mistakes

As we mentioned earlier, mistakes in handling, classification, marking of goods and errors in payment of duties, taxes and fees, can have serious consequences. If you don’t want your supply chain to get affected, or wish to get genuine assistance on expanding to new markets without consequent mistakes, you must hire a customs broker. It is also important to understand that customs brokers work to reduce the time and effort needed for customs clearance, and therefore, their existence only aids an importer. 

Mitigate the risks

Importing certain goods, or transacting with exporters from selected regions and countries may have serious risks and concerns, which a customs broker can help with. Many customs brokers offer consulting services, where they aid clients with expansions and reaching new markets. They also help in handling all kinds of shipments, such as air, truck, ocean and parcel, reducing the risks that may be associated with customs clearance in general. 

If you haven’t considered a customs broker for your business as yet, it is time to sign up with one of the experienced names. It takes minutes to setup your account, and you can expect assistance around the clock.