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How to Get a Debt Consolidation with Bad Credit

by Danny white

Are you looking for a debt consolidation loan with bad credits? Here you are! Don’t worry about this concept at all. You can stand eligible to apply for debt consolidation by improving your bad credits. Fast loans are the best method to opt for debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is a method of combining all the unsecured loans into a single loan. Initially, this was not possible, but after the enforcement of the debt consolidation plan in 2017 in Singapore, it started working efficiently.

  • Debt consolidation is only for the citizens of Singapore or its permanent residents.
  • To apply for a debt consolidation plan, you have to be a major.
  • The debt consolidation plan is given to an individual whose loan is 12 times more than its monthly salary.
  • You can stand eligible for debt consolidation if your annual salary is 30000 dollars and a maximum of $1,20,000 in Singapore.

The debt consolidation plan is not so quickly given to anybody. To qualify for the loan, you have to provide all your unsecured loan documents. Debt consolidation is only made for unsecured loans like credit card loans. You cannot apply for a debt consolidation loan if you have also secured loans. Secured loans do not fall into the category of debt consolidation. Debt consolidation experts help you to analyze overall unsecured loans. By analyzing the total unsecured loans, they help you pay back the loan with easy steps. Let’s study the steps in detail.

The debt consolidation firm page back your entire loan in one shot. Once the payment is made, the firm calculates the overall payment made. That is, the debt consolidation sums up together all the unsecured payments of your loan.

Once this is done, the debt consolidation institute arrives at a principal amount. On the principal amount, the debt consolidation company adds interest. The overall details are given to you to process it further. Now the decision making is in your hand. You decide the decision about the EMI amount and the tenure of the loan. Money lender debt consolidation plan offered various services to the clients. It is up to you to decide on the right one.


To apply for debt consolidation, you must have good credit. But not everyone can maintain proper credits. It becomes difficult for individuals who do not have appropriate credits or background history. So, is it that these individuals cannot apply for debt consolidation? No, there are various methods through which you can improve your credit scores within a limited period.

To get a debt consolidation, you need to have a FICO score of 600 and above. Many individuals do not have this score. Let us study the ways through which we can increase the count in a limited period.


One best way to increase your credit score is by doing shopping on credit. Shop as much as you can using your credit card. The payment of a credit card is made after shopping. Payments of EMI are made based on the terms and conditions of the bank. So, the idea here is to make the payment in one shot. Instead of making the payments in monthly installments, make a complete payment. To increase your credit score, pay the total amount of the credit with interest in one go. By doing this, your reputation and your background history will have a good impression. This will, in turn, increase your credit scoring ability.


Patience is the key. Without patience, you cannot achieve anything in life. You need to increase your credit scoring ability. Credit scores do not increase rapidly. You have to wait until you reach an excellent rating to meet the debt consolidation plan. So, follow as many steps as possible to improve your credit scoring. Shopping via credit card and taking unsecured loans is the best option to increase your credit score ability. When you follow these steps to make sure you make the payment in one go.

On receiving the payment in one shot, the financial institution will have a good impression of you. You will fall into the category of the good books of their criteria. It is essential to come to the good books of any financial institution. By doing this, you can easily increase your credit score ability. If you want the same plan of debt consolidation, immediately make sure you adopt these strategies. There is no better way to increase your credit scoring than this.


Debt consolidation is not made for everyone. This is because the consolidation plant comes with various terms and conditions to fulfill. Not everyone can meet these terms and conditions laid down by the financial institution. The terms and conditions of the financial institutions are quite stringent. This is the financial institution that has to do an in-depth analysis of your loans. A debt consolidation plan is not an easy task.

The financial institution is supposed to do a complete analysis of your loan. Suppose you have multiple loans from multiple institutions. The time consumed increases. This is because the financial institution studies every loan in detail. To study various loans, it takes a lot of time. First, the financial institution studies the loan. If all the loans fall into the category, they pass the plan. Once the plan is moved to the next step, they make payment arrangements.

The payment is made by the debt consolidation institution based on their terms and conditions. Once the payment is made, the debt consolidation institution arrives at the total sum amount. The institution fixes an interest rate on the total amount of principal. Now the plan is to move to the individual. You, as a client, have decided on the tenure of the loan. The tenure of the loan depends on your financial stability. So make sure it took for a better tenure of the loan depending on one.