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How To File A Timeshare Complaint

by Pauly Penny

If you have just recently bought a timeshare or you own timeshare(s), and for some reason, you think that you have been defrauded, the best thing to do is to file a complaint. There are regulatory bodies for this and if for some reasons, you have said to yourself, “I want to cancel my timeshare,” and you tried to take necessary steps, but you fell victim to timeshare fraud in the process, you can go to the Real Estate Commission of the state where the timeshare fraud was committed to file your complaint. The Better Business Bureau is also another place you can go to file your complaint.

If you have been in this industry for a long time, you will not be surprised to hear of timeshare fraud. In fact, you will understand that the timeshare business is not all rosy with luxury vacations and never-ending dreams. There is a dark side to the industry, just as it is with many other industries. The sales process may be marked by pressure sales and many misinterpretations at the very beginning. This will eventually lead to high maintenance fees and the unavailability of desired vacation weeks. The misinformed timeshare buyer finds himself with financial burdens that they cannot easily get rid of. In the end, they may either be left with no choice but to file complaints or ask to “cancel my timeshare.”

If you wish to file a complaint, rather than asking to ‘cancel my timeshare’, you need to go about it the right way. Below are some steps to take when filing your complaint:

Step 1: reach out to your state’s attorney general’s office to know if your state of residence or the state or country where you have your timeshare is open to accepting disputes.

Step 2: locate the agency or commission in charge of timeshare disputes if the problematic timeshare is in a foreign country. A city like Colorado, for example, has an agency known as Timeshare Termination Team, where timeshare complaints are handled. These complaints are sent to the agency via email.

Step 3: put your complaint in writing according to the format required by the agency that is in charge of timeshare regulation in your state or country. New Jersey, for example, demands that complaints have your name, phone number, and address added to them. You will also need to include copies of the timeshare contract in dispute and the documents of the dispute.

Step 4: send the completed form by mail or fax to the appropriate quarters with other relevant documents. Make sure to double-check to ensure that you are not sending the original documents as only copies of the documents are required. You will be contacted by a staff member of the agency to enquire about the nature of the violation.