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How To Begin Gold Import-export Business in India?

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For hundreds of years, Indians have held gold and gold ornaments in high regard. They decorate gold jewellery which is indeed part of our wealthy heritage. Hence, gold is among the major imports in India.

Throughout the financial year 2014-15, India imported 915.54 tonnes of gold, therefore registering a rise of nearly 38% than the previous year. Nearly all gold imported into India is by means of gold bars and in the following paragraphs, we shall consider the guidelines and technique of establishing a gold import-export business in India.

We’ve observed major development in the export and import of products or services in India in recent occasions. Getting billed-up and affected by this trend, most entrepreneurs or start-ups are venturing into this domain.

However, many take their legs into this sector without weighing the benefits and drawbacks connected by using it, and before they are able to reconsider, it becomes a nightmare on their behalf. So, let us take a look at the know-how of the whole import-export scenario in India.


Anyone of Indian origin getting a legitimate passport issued underneath the Passport Act, 1967 can import gold. Based on the RBI circular, just the entities notified through the Directorate General of Move (DGFT) are sanctioned to import gold to India. The import is going to be allowed once the problem of license by DGFT. At the moment, the DGFT has approved the next entities to import gold bars into India:

? Metals and Minerals Buying and selling Corporation Limited (MMTC)

? Handicraft and Handloom Export Corporation (HHEC)

? Condition Buying and selling Corporation (STC)

? Project and Equipment Corporation asia Limited. (PEC)

? STCL Limited

? MSTC Limited

? Gemstone India Limited (DIL)

? Gems &Jewellery Export Promotion Council (G&J EPC)

? Star Buying and selling House (only for Gems and Jewellery part) or perhaps a Premier Buying and selling House

? Every other agency approved through the Reserve Bank asia (RBI).


? An NRI who had been earlier residing abroad for more than twelve months and it is now coming back to India might be permitted to import jewellery without having to pay any customs duty as much as approximately quantity of fifty 1000 rupees if, men passenger. . export import management course in Pune can help you comprehend the in-depth understanding and show you while beginning a company in India Within the situation of the female passenger, an individual may import gold as high as something of 1 lakh rupees.

? Gold might be introduced into India by means of ornaments, except individuals that are studded with gemstones and pearls however, you have to file a declaration for acquiring that allowed volume of gold from customs glued warehouse of depository lender or from Metal & Mineral Buying and selling Corporation susceptible to other concerns.

? The heaviness of gold (counting adornments) should not exceed 10 kgs for every traveler.

? The import of gold by means of coins and medallions is just prohibited.

? Entities are approved to import gold exclusively for export as well as for not one other purpose.

? All gold imports are exposed to feed custom glued warehouses.

? For every consignment of gold bars imported, the importer is anticipated to submit the report of the utilization and evidence of evidence towards the central excise officer.

? The import of gold ore is sanctioned only against permission from DGFT. [W.e.f. 1.6.2017, DGGFT is thinking about a credit card applicatoin for any grant of license for import of gold ore, just for applicant refinery who holds a legitimate license in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)].

? Duty is levied for gold import as reported by the following data and it must be compensated in convertible forex.


AnyoneOrcompanyOrorganization who wants to determine export and/or import business in India must have the next: