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How HOA Managers can Help Keep Communities Safe

by Paul Petersen

Community safety is a priority for all homeowners’ associations.  Those who manage the association will want to ensure the community has a safe environment for all those who live there. As everyone in the association is working towards keeping the community updated on the latest issues and events, members get involved in protecting their homes from intruders and natural disasters. Reputable phoenix hoa management companies will set effective community safety measures that an HOA can implement right away. These include the following:

Address Any Safety Issue Right Away

Every time a homeowner reports a safety concern to the HOA manager or board, the issue should be addressed right away. First, the incident should be acknowledged. Then, any injuries must be addressed to make the injured person feel heard and cared for. This will help the board avoid a potential lawsuit later. The last thing the manager or board will do is to fix the safety issue itself. 

Carry Out Security Assessment

An HOA security assessment will help determine the vulnerability of a community. It leads to possible issues, so holes can be patched using effective solutions. The manager can carry out the assessment themselves with the help of hired experts.  Once assessments are done, it is time to conduct an annual review of the current and previous safety and security policies. This will help identify the areas that can be improved. 

Work with Law Enforcement

HOAs should ensure they can easily contact law enforcement and local municipalities when emergencies arise. Their communication with local municipalities ensures easier reporting of street light outages or road issues. Local police can give security during threats. HOA managers will ensure board members know the procedures for contacting emergency personnel when security issues occur.

Prevent Issues from Happening

To keep an HOA safe, preventative measures must be set in place. Board members or HOA managers must fulfill their responsibilities to the HOA, obey the laws, and stay compliant. The manager should perform a walk-through of the association, so they can find problems that may become safety hazards when left ignored. By staying ahead of safety issues and taking action right after a safety concern arises, the entire community avoids serious ramifications such as loss of property, lawsuits, fire, and loss of life. The HOA board must make important decisions for the safety of HOA members and get in touch with an HOA manager for expert advice.