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How do you become prone to hacking? 

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Initially, hacking used to be considered something that was done only for celebs. But, hey, those days are gone. In today’s age, even the simplest person is prone to hacking. Everybody is a hacker’s target today. Why? Because of the money. Earlier hackers used to break into a system for fun, but things are no longer so. These hackers use the most vulnerable system to break into your system and cause you damage. 

Hackers will go to any lengths to access your information, which they can later on use for their own benefits. The hackers usually use advanced technology and bait systems to gain access to your private information. Once you are trapped in, there is no coming back. 

Some of the prominent steps that can increase the chances of being hacked include the following.

  • Use a password book

A password book is one of the best ways to stay protected against hackers. To avoid being hacked, the best thing you can do is use a combination of numbers, alphabets, and symbols. The more complex the password, the more difficult it will be for the hacker to break into your system. 

While you may consider it to be the best way, it is surely not. Why? Because password books are one of the greatest ways to become prone to hacking. It eventually gives out an online pass to the hacker to break into your system and exploit it. 

Instead of saving your password in a password book, you need to save them on a secure drive and encrypt it. No one except you would know the password. Great, isn’t it? 

  • Outdated antivirus

It is essential to keep your antivirus updated from time to time to keep away the crime risk. Using an outdated antivirus is similar to not installing it all. An outdated antivirus can make your system more prone to hacking. 

The internet is full of free antiviruses. But, are they secure? No. Leave aside security; they may bring in a virus with them. It is better to install a high-security antivirus. 

  • Using the same password for different accounts

Keeping different passwords for different accounts can be difficult, so you resort to using the same for all. No matter how convincing this sounds, but, the same password for all platforms can be tough. 

Once hackers get access to a password for one platform, they may try to implement it for others. So? You eventually lose everything. Buckle up yourself and use different passwords and usernames for different platforms. 


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