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Health and Safety Matters Taken care of Now With the Right Service

by Gerua William

Safety at work has always played a very important role in our country. The government has almost always provided for a series of rules and regulations that protect the safety and health of people in the workplace. The law in this regard is clear, but in order to have a general assessment of the risks in the workplace and the right measures to be taken to eliminate or reduce them, specific workplace safety advice is required. The technician in charge of this work is the safety consultant. Centurion Alba is one such service.

Who is the security consultant and what does he do

Before going into detail and explaining what an occupational safety consultancy consists of, it is good to know the figure of the technician who carries it out.

  • It is a professional figure who is responsible for identifying the best procedures to safeguard health and safety in the workplace.
  • His work starts with risk assessment. After one or more workplace inspections, he must draw up a report in which he will list all the risks associated with that specific activity.
  • Having done this, he must proceed to illustrate all the measures to be taken to reduce or definitively eliminate the risks examined.
  • Furthermore, it is always up to him to promote the culture of prevention through training courses.
  • Finally, it must be ensured that the measures indicated to deal with any risks reported in its assessment are correctly adopted.

Being a security consultant is a job that places professionals in confronting realities that are very different from each other. It therefore requires a lot of dedication and commitment to be able to face very different situations and always be able to find the optimal solution.

Why occupational safety advice is important

For many reasons, the first of which is the health of workers.Recent industry surveys have shown that a safer work environment is a healthier and more profitable work environment. When people can work in complete safety, calm and serene for their own safety, interpersonal relationships change for the better and, consequently, productivity increases.

Work safety leads to:

  • psycho-physical wellbeing
  • environmental tranquility
  • widespread positivity
  • increased productivity
  • So investing in workplace safety advice benefits employees but also the company itself in terms of income.

Occupational safety advice

Among the main innovations introduced, we remember:

  • identification of risk factors and sources
  • risk reduction
  • continuous monitoring of preventive measures
  • the development of an accepted and shared corporate strategy
  • Avoid “do it yourself” in the management of obligations

The world of workplace safety is a rather simple reality in its essence, but complex in its contents.There are multiple obligations to which employers and companies must comply. To avoid incurring hazards and penalties, the best thing to do is to avoid doing it yourself and turn to professionals in the trade who can provide all-round work safety advice.


The consultant guides the company, employer and employees towards the easiest, fastest and safest solutions, avoiding any problem for the workers or of a legal nature for the employer.The difference between a capable and an incapable consultant is the ability to make the company spend the money well to protect work and workers, both parties equally.