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Guide 101: Finding the right immigration lawyer in Dallas

by Clare Louise

Immigration and visa matters can seem complex and hard to comprehend, especially for people with limited or no experience. No matter whether you are interested in hiring foreign workers for your American company, or want to bring your immediate family here, legal expertise is indispensable. Hiring the right business & family immigration lawyer in Dallas is critical for your case, regardless of the circumstances. In this guide, we are sharing a few tips on how to find the right immigration lawyer. 

  1. Ask around. If you know friends, family members, or colleagues who have worked with law firms in Dallas for immigration matters, ask for references. When that’s not an option, check online. Google can show top-rated attorneys in your area, and there are websites like Avvo for help too. 
  2. Ask for an appointment. The good news is most immigration attorneys in Dallas will be happy to offer free initial consultation, which can be really handy. This is a good window to ask questions related to your immigration concerns and also about the expertise of the lawyer. 
  3. Know your attorney. What percentage of the attorney’s practice is dedicated to immigration laws and cases? Do they work with businesses for immigration matters and visa needs? How long has the attorney been in practice? At the end of the day, you need an immigration attorney, not a general lawyer. 
  4. Check the costs. While the first meeting with an attorney may not cost anything, hiring an immigration lawyer can be expensive. Ask for costs in advance, which again depends on the work involved. For businesses, lawyers often work on a retainer basis, but typically, you can expect a ballpark estimate and an hourly rate. 
  5. Find more through reviews. Reviews are helpful when you want to compare a few immigration attorneys in your area in Dallas. Find an attorney with positive feedback, or at the least, check if there are too many negative reviews. The right immigration lawyer can make or break the case. 

Final word

Do check if the concerned immigration lawyer is available for your case. Attorneys often have a high caseload, and while you are paying for premium services, the eventual work may not be at par with that. Many law firms in Dallas have multiple immigration lawyers working for them, so ask the attorney if they will handle your requirements personally. Also, don’t choose an attorney making unrealistic promises on immigration matters.