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Grout Maintenance Tips You Should Know

by Gerua William

Ever wonder keeps our tiles intact? It is thanks to a filling material called grout. It’s the cement-like material that we see in between the tiles. Its jobis more than just filling in the gaps between tiles, it is also used to improve the appearance of the walls and floors. Thus, it is crucial to choose a good quality tile grout such as acrylic grout. 

However, no matter how high quality your grout is, just like other building materials, it would eventually become dirty. Worse, it might start to chip and crack. Aside from investing in good grout sealers in Singapore, one way you can maintain it is to learn some grout cleaningtechniques. Cleaning it is not just as simple as dousing it with soap and water and then, scrubbing the surface. 

Keep on reading to get to know how to properly clean your grout. 

How to Maintain Your Grout

Choosing the Right Tile Cleaners

Before starting with the actual grout cleaning, it is vital to choose the right tile line cleaners. Remember that there are strong, chemical-based cleaners that could do more harm than good, so make sure to do some research first on the different types of tile line cleanerstypically used.

Check out these tips below to get an idea of what type of tile line cleaners you should use.

  • Avoid soap-based cleaners because instead of cleaning the grout, it makes the tile surface clouded with mildew. 
  • Cleaning products with chlorine bleach is safe to use on most grout materials as it disinfects the surface. However, it may strip away the lustrous colour of your grout, so it’s best to stick to natural-based and mild tile line cleaners. 


Whether it is an acrylic grout, a marble gum grout or any other types of grout, the first step to maintenance is preparing the surface. You have to make sure to remove all the dirt and grime on the surface. To do this, you could start by dry mopping or using a microfiber cloth to get rid of the dirt. A microfibre cloth is the most ideal cleaning material to use because it can hold dust particles. Moreover, it is perfect for cleaning the cracks and crevices on the grout. Other fabrics would just scatter the dust. Thus, it is not efficient to use a normal cloth to wipe off the dust. 

To make sure all the dust particles are removed, you may douse your tiles with hot water. After that, wipe the surface with a sponge as this could help trap the remaining dust. You can finish it off by wiping the tiles with a dry cloth to get rid of the remaining water. 

Scrubbing Your Tile Grout

After shopping for tile line cleaners, and preparing the tiles, it is now time to scrub off the floors. When it comes to scrubbing, the key to efficiently clean your grout tilesis to use the right materials. A simple, small toothbrush would do. You could also look for an electric toothbrush to make the cleaning faster and more efficient. Just remember to avoid using a metal brush as it could leave unsightly scratches on your tiles.

Also, make sure to prepare a nylon brush. It would be useful for getting rid of any stubborn stains. 

Once you have already prepared your scrubbing materials, you can now proceed with the actual cleaning. Keep in mind these cleaning tips as they will ensure that your tile groutis completely clean: 

  • Avoid scrubbing the tiles right away after you have applied the cleaning solution. It is the best practice to let the cleaner sit in for at least 10 minutes to make sure it would penetrate deep within thegroutmaterial. 
  • It might be tempting to scrub the entire tile surface right away, however, doing so would only make the whole cleaning process inefficient. You have to scrub in small circles to make sure to get rid of the stains. It might be daunting, but doing this ensures that the tile lines look clean and polished.

Consider Hiring a Grout Cleaning Professional

Since cleaning grout could be a daunting task, it would be best to hire a professional. Even though this may cost you, it is worth investing in since they would help maintain the beautiful appearance of your tiles. They can even help eliminate even the most stubborn stains on your grout. 

Moreover, cleaning companies could help determine whether the cleaners you have bought are truly effective and safe to use. They could use your cleaning tools along with their professional-grade cleaners to do a deep cleaning of those grout tiles. This is better than having to do a DIYgroutcleaning. 

What’s more, you do not have to expose yourself to cleaning products with harmful chemicals, if you decide to hire a professional. This is the best part because not only are you safe, but you don’t have to get tired from trying to get rid of the stubborn moulds on yourgrout. 

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