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Debunking Some Myths About The Staffing Agencies

by admin

We are sure that you might have come across some ridiculous myths about staffing agencies and how they are not genuine and such. Well, it is quite possible that you might get scammed by a bogus staffing agency if you do not go for a thorough background check before getting involved with them. However, in most of the other cases, people have found their help quite beneficial. And so today, we are going to bust some myths about staffing agencies.

  • Agencies cannot help you get into permanent positions: While it is true that a lot of work that you get via agencies is for Temp positions, but beyond that, it totally depends on your resume regarding your next job position. Right from project work to contract-to-hire, and permanent positions, these agencies can get you working with any industry across any level given that you have the required qualifications.
  • Staffing agencies charge you: This works in 2 ways. There are requirement agencies who are outsourced by companies for the talent acquisition work and are paid by the company itself. This saves the company the hassle of finding employees, conducting interviews, and then hiring them. Apart from that, as an individual, you can get registered with a staffing agency that will then help you find your next job. And, for this particular service, they do not charge you.
  • Staffing agencies provide entry-level jobs: Again, this is a big myth as the job depends on demands by the company and your profile. It is possible to get into managerial roles via staffing agencies; it all depends on a vacancy being available and you being the right candidate for the position.
  • Staffing agencies provide no value addition: It is quite opposite to that. They provide you with all the training you need for acing an interview along with other personality development courses that build up your resume as an employee. Also, if you are looking for jobs into particular fields and positions then they can advise you about what you need to do next.
  • Also, staffing agencies do not cost a percentage of your salary. This is a total myth. You can speak upfront about the same with any agency and they will tell you how untrue that is.

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