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7 ideas & tips worth considering for stellar product packaging!

by admin

A box for your product is more than just a box – It creates the first impression of brand. It is, therefore, not surprising that marketing experts and teams have a major role to play in designing custom product boxes. In this post, we are sharing seven ideas for stellar packaging for your product. 

  1. Select the right packaging company. It is one of the most crucial aspect of product box designing. You need a name like Netpak impression et emballage that specializes in different industries and can offer insight into the market. 
  2. Think sustainable. More customers are interested in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, and they are willing to switch between brands for that sake. If you are considering revamping your packaging, sustainable approach is the best way to do your bit for the planet. 
  3. Follow the KISS rule. Keep it simple, stupid – That’s kiss for you. Even the best luxury brands have simple, easy packaging boxes, which do convey the required message, but at the same time, don’t clutter layout for the sake of it. Try and innovate with the design, but do not overdo the design. 
  4. Figure out customer expectations. Most brands rely on surveys and customer feedback to work on their packaging needs. It is the most important thing to do, considering that customer expectations are constantly changing. You have to work on the box, knowing what the consumer expects in terms of unboxing experience. 
  5. Make it usable. For selected retail sectors, this is pretty much doable. Reusable packaging makes an extra appeal, and many consumers may buy a product because they know that the box is collectible. Just ensure that you don’t go beyond what you can afford, because reusable boxes can be expensive.
  6. Focus on quality. Unfortunately, many companies tend to ignore the need for quality packaging, because it is about protecting the product too. It doesn’t make sense to place your product in a flimsy box that doesn’t create a good appeal on the shelves. 
  7. Select right branding details. This is another aspect that needs attention. You want the box to stand out, but for that, brand details must be placed rightly. Make the right choice in colors, and be consistent as how you want people to perceive your brand and product. 

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