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3 Jobs To Outsource as a Small Business Owner

by Clare Louise

The day-to-day workings of a small business keep owners busy well beyond the standard work hours. Many people assume this is an expected part of ownership. Fortunately, late nights paying bills and weekends processing payroll no longer have to be the norm. Thanks to the cloud, outsourcing is possible for jobs such as billing, payroll and administrative work.

  1. Administrative Tasks

When you spend half your day answering emails, returning phone calls and typing reports, you need an assistant. Online assistants can do all of your administrative tasks for you. Thanks to the cloud, you can share files quickly and efficiently. Now that you are not spending your day doing these tasks, you can focus on increasing your business’s productivity.


Accounts payable and receivable are the backbone of your business. With a constant flow of money coming in and going out, it can be a significant chore for one person. Using an accounting service helps free up your time and also ensures this work gets completed efficiently. Having someone dedicated to this process means that invoices get sent out promptly, and you get paid quickly. By using a cloud-based service, you can view the status of your accounts at any time.

  1. Payroll

Processing payroll also requires a lot of time and knowledge. Having a dedicated person able to perform this job ensures your workers are paid correctly and on time. Employees can submit hours and paperwork effortlessly with cloud-based payroll services. You no longer have to become an expert in local work laws or taxes either. Many people are also able to help with health insurance enrollment, workers comp and calculating commission payouts.

Outsourcing jobs is an excellent option for small business owners. Paying for these services doesn’t require hiring employees and allows owners to be more productive by freeing up their time to focus on providing their service.